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Cracking the Retirement Code

By Mark Courtemanche and Dan Cuprill

Threats to your financial future are real. They come in the form of market volatility, inflation, unforeseen health care costs, rising or unexpected taxes and more. In “Cracking the Retirement Code,” Mark Courtemanche, Pinnacle Retirement Solutions president, and Dan Cuprill help you protect your money and plan for the longest and most fulfilling vacation of your life.


7 Steps to Help Protect Your 401(k) from the “Ticking Tax Time Bomb”

By Dan Cuprill with Foreword by Mark Courtemanche

Nothing jeopardizes your retirement quite like taxes, but there are tax-efficient strategies that can help reduce your taxes in retirement. Dan Cuprill details many of these strategies in “Defuse” while also explaining the pros and cons of different investment styles and showing ways to help or showing different strategies that can help plan your money for a long retirement so you don’t run out of cash while you are exploring the world.

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